El Chuppa + Emtolog

25/03/22, 20:00

A concert by an energetic trio from Olomouc, which will come to pump up our audience with its energetic acoustic rock!
El Chuppa is a time-tested and well-coordinated trio. The group was formed in 2012 after all three of them worked together in the rock storm Bored on Board, which went to musical hibernation. Everything suits them musically and even if you wake them up at 10 in the morning after the concert (read the hangover) they will be happy to cut Jam for you, which you will not forget.
Frontman Jiří Gerat not only moves the whole trio forward in certain steps, but he is still working and improving his excellent primadony. Jakub Hubáček masterfully masters the art of disagreement and musical flowing on bass frequencies, and Jiří Kaprál neatly weaves everything together in the corner of rhythm, so that the two previous ones agree and the music flows smoothly. Currently, the band enjoys the release of a new EP, easily searches for concerts and creates new songs at a steady pace.
Last year's single speaks for itself
This band is a special kind of today's underground. Czech lyrics of today, guitars and bass, Thursday rhythm. Well, taste it, let you know how we warm up.