Garlicground and a guest Marcel Kříž

05/11/22, 20:00

Garlic ground
freefolk psychedelic band from Brno plays cheerful songs and orations about flowers, smells, tastes and dreams of laughter.
Marcel Kriz
A poet and singer-songwriter creating harrowing litanies on the border between folk and blues, a guitarist with a lousy style, a singer who rather howls and croaks, a self-made harmonica player...
He left his first band, Murders in the Chinese Quarter, in the late nineties to embark on a solo career, during which he made ten recordings, among others for the Brno-based Indies Records. His most outstanding record is the album Buskers Burlesquers, which he created with Brno's wild jack-of-all-trades Tomáš Vtípil and which was created by members of the bands Psí vojáci, DG307 and Kill the Dandies! His poetry was published as a book under the titles Just let the rails roar and V plétených stěnách kerosene kerosene.
In recent years, he most often performs together with the violinist Libor Lorenc.