07/01/22, 20:00

In 2018, the Čechomor Group celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. The group gained its supporters and the respect of critics mainly through its imaginative arrangement and distinctive interpretation of the music, which was and is based on folk songs. 17 years have passed since the turning point in 2001, when Čechomor won three Anděl Awards (as the band of the year, for the album Proměny and for the song of the same name). During that time, the band toured not only at home and in Slovakia, but also throughout Europe, touring North America, Australia and Asia. She has collaborated with several prominent music producers (eg Ben Mendelson, Gerry Leonard), performed with several symphonic ensembles, Japanese musician Joji Hirota, American singer Suzanne Vega and many others. In recent years, musicians grouped around the leaders of the group, František Černý and Karel Holas, have worked significantly on a new, more modern sound, a more distinctive arrangement and also on a new repertoire. The last series albums Breathing (2018) and Joy of Life (2020) are proof of this.
You can come and enjoy the band's concert on Sunday, December 12, 2021, from 8 pm to KC Semilasso. Admission in advance from 490 CZK. More info at www.semilasso.cz or on our FB profile.