15/05/24, 19:00

musical love stories based on the book bestseller by Barbara Nesvadbová
music: Petr Malásek
lyrics: Václav Kopta
It is the story of Karla, a woman that almost all of us know - strong, independent, but wounded in the heart.
When Alex, her "Mr. Perfect" leaves her for no reason, Karla decides to turn into the Beast and repay the men for their wrongs.
Together with her best friend Sabina and a bottle of vodka in hand, Karla plans her revenge and compiles her private Bestiary of Men.
But can he really become the Beast when love plays by its rules?
And what shocking end awaits Karla and her potential victims - Honza, Ivan, Peter and Kamil?
Come and experience a story full of humor, passion, twists and above all the search for true love, which often comes where we least expect it.
Be part of this musical-dramatic experience that will show you that love can take many forms and let yourself be carried away by a story where music becomes the voice of the heart.
13 original songs by keyboard master Petr Malásk, whose melodies are complemented by verses written by Václav Kopta.
Live band and dancers on stage.
Performance duration: 180 min. with an intermission
They play and sing:
Ivana Korolová / Aneta Vrzalová, Tereza Rychlá / Šárka Vaňková, Peter Pecha / Tomáš Novotný,
Petr Buchta / Dominik Port, Zbyněk Fric / Tomáš Dastlík, Radek Zima / Jakub Koudela,
Igor Bareš / Jarmil Škvrna
Voice-over: Marek Vasut
subject: Barbara Nesvadbová
screenplay: Jan Drbohlav
music: Petr Malásek
lyrics: Václav Kopta
director: Roman Štolpa
set and costumes: Petr Kolínský
choreography: Tomáš Kuťák
keyboards – Martin Krč / Petr Berki
bass guitar – Jakub Antl / Miloš Miškovský
saxophone – ReneJunior / Filip Kučera
Performance duration: 180 min. with an intermission
guitar - Richard Procházka / Jaroslav Friedl / Ondřej Fišer
Orfánusová Silvia, Chudějová Kristýna,
Lambor Jarek and Matěj Kupčík

Production: VIP Art Company Prague