06/12/23, 20:00

Krucipüsk is setting off with his friendly band Courtizány from 25th Avenue on the autumn KruciKurvaKluci Tour 2023. On it, Krucipüsk will present the 13th consecutive album HovnoZle, which will be released again on the magical date 1/11/2023. Will Courtizány bring a limited vinyl re-edition of the cult record 2000 to the tour? from 1997. The line stops in Liberec, České Budějovice, Kadan, Zlín, Brno, Teplice, Hradec Králové, Ostrava and Pilsen. The double baptism ceremony will take place on December 3 in the Great Hall of the Lucerne in Prague. Tickets for CZK 650 can be purchased at and the Ticketportal network.

"This year we will play only ten concerts in larger halls and clubs, and we have invited a band very close to our hearts and super people Courtesans from 25th Avenue. Visitors can look forward to brand new, but also good old favorite songs in a typical Crucifix costume. We're really looking forward to this crazy autumn party!" invites Tomáš Hajíček, frontman and founder of Krucipüsk, to the tour.

"Will we bring a limited re-edition of 150 pieces of LP 2000 on the tour with Krucipüsk? from 1997. Simon, Viking and Ishtwan from the old Kurtizán line-up will also appear on stage as special guests in Lucerne," says the band's singer Daniel Kurz.

Don't miss this unique connection and go to one of the KruciKurvaKluci Tour 2023 stops. The line starts on November 16 on home soil in the House of Culture in Liberec.

KruciKurvaKluci Tour 2023 is produced by Red Triangle s.r.o., the equipment is supplied by Pink Panther Radek Havlíček. The media partner is Radio Beat.