Amaranthe & Dragonforce

06/03/24, 19:00

Following an incredibly strong response from their recent US tour together, Swedish metal virtuosos AMARANTHE and British extreme power-metal band DRAGONFORCE have decided to move on and extend their hugely successful joint tour. In the spring of 2024, both bands will go on an extensive tour of Europe and Great Britain. In addition, a very popular modern and energetic metal band INFECTED RAIN will be a special guest of the tour.

The spring tour will bring this sensational metal trio to BRNA, Sono Centra on March 6, 2024!

BRNO can look forward to another interesting, breathtaking concert event! Get your ticket to Sona in time!

AMARANTHE's Olof Mörck says: “We're dangerously excited to finally unveil our joint European tour with our good friends DRAGONFORCE - and the first ever tour in support of our upcoming album 'The Catalyst'! Expect this show to explode with excitement and heavy-handed fury when we play in a city near you! AMARANTHE will hit the European continent with a brand new show, setlist and album, so DO NOT miss this experience and see you in early 2024!”

DRAGONFORCE's Herman Li adds, “We are absolutely thrilled to be embarking on this joint European tour with our friends at AMARANTHE again! I have always admired AMARANTHE's work since their demo days. Both our bands are gearing up to release our biggest albums to date, this upcoming tour promises to give our fans a truly unforgettable experience. Get ready for a spectacular musical sensation!”

AMARANTHE, DRAGONFORCE, INFECTED RAIN - this is an almost sacred union of metal powerhouses of recent years. In addition, add brand new shows, new albums, new songs, maximum enthusiasm and commitment, and you can't come up with anything other than that you simply have to go to this event in Brno, no matter where you live!