Forced to Mode

03/05/24, 19:00

The German band Forced to Mode will come to Brno's Sono Music Club in May 2024. The Czech band Lakeside X will perform as a guest. After the concerts, there will be an after party.

On the first Friday in May, Brno's Sono Music Club will welcome the Depeche Mode tribute project Forced to Mode, who will play a complete live show of the album 101 from 1988. In 2011, Forced Movement, a Berlin electrorock / indietronic group, founded the Depeche Mode tribute project Forced to Fashion. 101 is a legendary concert album by Depeche Mode. It records the final leg of the Music for the Masses Tour and the final show of 1988 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The repertoire of the three musicians from Berlin now includes over 100 Depeche Mode songs from all decades of the legendary English band. The Brno concert will thus be a special evening dedicated to the Music For The Masses Tour.

The synth-pop band Lakeside X will perform as a special guest. Last year, they completed their fourth studio album called Love Disappears with German producer Daniel Myer. The album contains ten electronic songs. On the previous album City of Red Lights, Lakeside X collaborated with Paul Kendall as a sound engineer, who also participated in the studio in the creation of Depeche Mode recordings and came to Prague in 2010 to christen the record with their former member Alan Wilder.