Longital (SK)

09/04/24, 19:00

Longital is one of the mainstays of the Slovak independent scene, with twelve albums and two music awards. With their concert tour, they traveled to twelve countries in Europe, America and Canada. In addition to concerts and albums, the pair is invited to film and theater collaborations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Longital is a music and partnership duo consisting of Daniel Salontay and Shina. Their songs are exclusively in Slovak, personal texts create unusual emotions and stories on a musical background, as if from their own universe. Shina's charismatic vocals, deep string bass lines and expressive stage presence are balanced by Daniel's wild acoustic guitar playing in all possible positions from subtle minimalist and jazz elements to unbridled walls of sound. Female and male vocals intertwine, sometimes they sound together, sometimes separately. Longital's music is full of surprises and dynamic twists.