PonavaFest - Eine kleine Nachtmusik

23/05/20, 22:00

While most of the cultural events were canceled, the organizers of PonavaFest, the largest festival in the center of Brno, have decided to hold this year's fifth edition as a series of smaller, freely accessible events. This year, the festival will take place only on one of the five originally planned stages. Some concerts will also be streamed. The first part of the festival, subtitled Eine kleine Nachtmusik, will take place this weekend, on the night of May 23-24, and will focus on the experimental work and voices of the birds of the Lužánky park.

The first program block takes place this weekend, at an unusual time from 22:00 to 05:00. Several musical experimental artists will take turns on the natural stage in Lužánky near the Ponava restaurant. Due to the night time, participants will listen to most of the production on borrowed headphones or as an online stream, so they can spread across the park to comply with hygiene regulations.

Admission to the event will be voluntary, only the rental of headphones will be charged. Due to their limited number, it is possible to book headphones on the festival website.


22:00 Irena and Vojtěch Havel (acoustic meditative ambient)

23:55 Palagrachio (experimental freejazz)

1:30 Eine stunde Merzbauten (industrial noise)

3:00 Tomáš Vtípil (field-recording site specific music)


Admission is voluntary

Headphone rental: CZK 200 (+ CZK 500 deposit)

Headphone reservation at www.ponavafest.cz/rezervace