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Feature articles

Last year, soprano Martina Janková, baritone Tomáš Král and pianist Ivo Kahánek recorded an album of folk songs edited by Leoš Janáček. Visitors of the 2016 Janáček Brno Festival will also have the opportunity to experience its live performance. The only change is that Roman Hoza will perform instead of Tomáš Král at the concert in the Villa Tugendhat. Martina Janková talked about her journey from childhood with folk music to Janáček. more

How does the Mozart effect work? Why does Mozart's music reduce epileptic discharges in the brain, while Haydn's does not? How do the brains of the audience without musical training and professional musicians perceive music? We were looking for answers with the head of the Centre for Neuroscience of the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC), Professor Ivan Rektor.  more

The Partitury ze života (Scores of Life) Exhibition is the second of the four-part series that maps the musical concept of artists tied to Brno. Jan Steklík, Jan Zuziak, Miloslav "Sonny" Halas and Marian Palla exhibit in the Místogalerie on Skleněná louka.  more

Inconspicuous concerts in high-pitched frequencies go through the city. Their centre is an area called Rumiště, the producer and DJ Snediggen Snurssla stands behind them. This week, his AVA loft sessions are being held for the fifteenth time and they will head from Rumiště to Mosilana. Furthermore, we talked about adventurous music and listening to the city.  more

How the life in one small place has changed over fifty years. The musical film Slovácká suita confronts the current and previous view of the distinctive region.  more

The Brno Contemporary Orchestra was founded five years ago by conductor Pavel Šnajdr. Music by contemporary composers is nothing unusual to him, he considers it an everyday matter of course. And that is how he wants to bring it closer to the audience. The upcoming concert in Hall A at the Brno Exhibition Centre was one of the reasons for this interview about the creation of the orchestra and their plans. And about contemporary music in general.  more

He was the theatre director in Brno twice. Mainly the second time is important, when he pulled the Provincial Theatre from difficult years after the economic crisis. Under his leadership, several world premieres were played in Brno, mainly the premieres of the Romeo and Juliet ballet and the opera The Miracles of Mary. His career tragically ended with the occupation of Czechoslovakia and arrest by the Gestapo. On Sunday, 8 May, it will be 125th birthday of the late Václav Jiřikovský.  more

The concert production of Janáček's opera Jenufa in the Rudolfinum in Prague and then in the Royal Festival Hall in London garnered acclaim on a scale between positive and stormy. Mainly Karita Mattila, but also the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and Jiří Bělohlávek drew attention to themselves. BBC recorded the April concert in London. The recording is available until 18 May. The link is given below.  more

The fates of unfortunate Queen Dido and the hero Gilgamesh will be combined in the joint performance of works by Henry Purcell and Bohuslav Martinů. The Janáček Opera is preparing the combination of the Baroque opera with music of the 20th century as the last premiere of the season. We talk to Václav Luks, a renowned interpreter of early music, the founder and conductor of Collegium 1704, mainly about the Baroque part of the performance.  more

Yoga became commonplace in Europe and America a long time ago and has become part of the Western world. For some, it is one of the common exercises, for others it is mainly a path to knowledge. The Wonderpark Festival strives to combine yoga and contemporary music. We talked about it with its organiser Naděžda Brzobohatá in her yoga studio. And we started with a tea.  more