Barbara Maria Willi introduces... XXI. annual concert of the cycle of early music I i Flautisti: Africa calls Europe

12/02/24, 19:00

Flutists too
Jitka Konečná, Ilona Veselovská, Doris Kitzmantel, Monika Wimberger Ninth / recorders

Africa calls Europe
The four flutists met during their studies at the Royal College in London in 2008. Since then, they have been conquering Europe with their original mix of old and contemporary music, their charm and their movement talent. In an exciting musical journey from the Middle Ages to the present, and from Africa to the Balkans, the ensemble will present its collection of around 30 recorders, from the smallest – the soprano – to the sub-bass recorder, which measures over 2 meters.

J. Playford, J. S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, S. Marshall, W. Byrd, G. Mainerio, J. Rokyta, S. Sieg, M. Prokop, J. Van Der Roost, P. Rose