Brno through the eyes of an Authentic Guide

Brno through the eyes of an Authentic Guide

The Tourist Information Centre recently published the second part of its Authentic Guide THIS IS BRNO II. The city of Brno is presented in it by prominent local personalities from the ranks of artists, publicists, photographers and Brno patriots, plus one Prague writer. One separate chapter in the guide is dedicated to musical Brno; it was written by a performer who calls himself burning.

Brno has been officially a city of music since 2017. At that time, it successfully managed to be inscribed on the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. As regards the Czech Republic, Brno is only the second city in this network besides Prague. UNESCO appraised the activities of Brno in the field of music for the variety of music genres and events organised and, last but not least, for the unique connection of Brno with the surrounding region, which itself has a rich musical tradition stemming out from folklore.

A chapter of the book, entitled Musical Brno, is the work of a performer from Brno, who calls himself  burning. He divided it into ten parts that represent individual music events and places that are worth seeing in Brno. In addition to already established events such as the Brno Marathon of Music, Ghettofest and Christmas in Brno, the author pays attention to the phenomenon of places where music lives spontaneously and attracts musicians and listeners. For example, Jakubské náměstí (St James Square), where perhaps everyone drops by during the summer season, or the park at the Janáček Theatre, where facilities for outdoor seating around the fountain were created in recent years. An event that is very specific and one of the traditional Christmas events among the music fans is the Czech Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba, staged in the  in the Alfa shopping mall. Its performance on 23 and 24 December every year is accompanied by an ever-increasing number of singers and listeners, who will already fill the mall reliably. The chapter dedicated to music is concluded by the Šalina Music Tour by Kateřina Šedá (remake of her happening staged in Helsinki), in which the public transport is more pleasant for its passengers by means of a live music production in tram cars. All this and much more can be found in the second part of the new guide.

Chapters of the Guide:

Mizející Brno [Vanishing Brno]

Divadla [Theatres]

Dětské Brno [Brno for Kids]

Módní Brno [Fashion Brno]

Hudební Brno [Musical Brno]

Brnem na kole [Brno by Bike]

Historické podzemí [Historical Underground]

Železniční Brno [Railway Brno]

Překročme řeku Svitavu [Let's Cross the Svitava River]

Skryté Brno [Hidden Brno]

Brno: špatný vtip [Brno: A Bad Joke]

Brno Marathon of Music 2018 / photo from festival archive



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In the premises of the neo-Gothic Czech Brethren Evangelical Church of J. A. Comenius, on the fifth evening of the Moravian Autumn festival, a performance of sacred music for choir and organ took place. In addition to the choir of the same name, Martinů Voices was also dominated by the organist Linda Sítková and a four-member ensemble of French horns. All this under the direction of choirmaster Lukáš Vasilek.  more

The third event of this year's Moravian Autumn festival was transferred to a theatre stage. The event was made happen by Terén, which is a platform acting as a third stage of the Centre of Experimental Theatre, right after the Goose on a String and HaDivadlo theatres. And it was on this particular stage of the Goose on a String where the world premiere of a stage production of Oedipus by André Gide took place yesterday. Composer Bohuslav Martinů stands behind its equally important incidental music.  more

The jubilee 50th Moravian Autumn music festival started yesterday at Bobycentrum in Brno with a concert performance of the minimalist opera Einstein on the Beach by composer Philip Glass and director Robert Wilson. The concert version was created by collaboration of visual artist Germaine Kruip, Suzanne Vega and Ictus Ensemble and Collegium Vocale Gent. Although only the music remained from the previously stage show, the length of the concert itself was comparable with the opera work. Hence, the evening lasted almost four hours.  more

Doctor Fligg talked to us about one of the most talented composers and musicians of the first half of the twentieth century – Gideon Klein. He is at the same time one of the organizers of the project Gido‘s coming home, which commemorates a flat one hundred years from the composer’s birth.  more

The National Theatre Brno started its new season yesterday by staging The Tales of Hoffmann, an opéra fantastique by French composer Jacques Offenbach with French libretto written by poet Jules Barbier. Directing was undertaken by the recognized artistic tandem SKUTR, consisting of Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský. The title role was presented by Luciano Mastro, his faithful companion Nicklausse (and also the figure of the Muse at the end of the show) was performed by Markéta Cukrová. The roles of Hoffmann's sweethearts Olympia, Antonia, Giulietta and Stella have were performed by Martina Masaryková, Pavla Vykopalová, Daniela Straková-Šedrlová and Andrea Široká. The character of Hoffmann's eternal rival (Lindorf/Coppélius/Miracle/ Dappertutto) was interpreted by Ondrej Mráz. The orchestra was led by Ondrej Olos, the choir by Klára Složilová Roztočilová.  more