Cultural Newsletter of the Department of Culture of the Brno City Municipality

Cultural Newsletter of the Department of Culture of the Brno City Municipality

The Brno Cultural Newsletter provides an overview of events and changes that concern theatres, clubs, festivals and cultural events in Brno in the coming period.

"Culture is not unnecessary, it is necessary. One wise man wrote that, another one printed it on posters in the streets, and yet another wrote it in the newspapers. Raising cultural awareness is essential. However, it needs to be spread towards people who are in fact not really interested in the cultural world. An ideal intermediary is the online space – conveniently accessible from home, barrier-free, but also cursed by many. Take your family, friends and acquaintances and get connected, for example, to DRAMOX. Tell people to do the same with their friends. There are a lot of opportunities nowadays. Culture is necessary because it is a part of everyone's everyday life," states Kateřina Vorlíčková, Head of the Department of Culture at the Brno City Municipality, spreading her message among readers.  


At the eleventh online meeting of the Cultural Parliament, you will learn about the action plan for culture in Brno, what the situation  looks like as regards funding for culture after the second wave of coronavirus, but also about the new nationwide Strategy for the Support of Cultural and Creative Industries, which will be presented by Jakub Bakule from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The meeting will take place on 26 November at 6 p.m. via the MS Teams application. During the next week we will send you a link to let you get connected. If you want to present yourself with a topic that is a burning issue for you, let us know about it by 24 November at the latest and we can talk about its inclusion in the programme.

The disclosure of the Sochařské Brno (Sculptors' Brno) project is slowly approaching; it is being prepared by the Department of Culture and we have written about it for you in our latest newsletter. You will find out exactly what it is about on Monday 23 November, but we already have a little taste of it for you. Come with us for a virtual walk around the works from the Sculptures for Brno project, commemorating important personalities who were born in Brno or worked there.

In September and October, you had the opportunity to write us your comments on the first version of the Action Plan of the Strategy for Culture and the Creative Industries (for the period 2020-2022). Thank you all for your valuable contributions, many of which we have decided to incorporate into the plan. The comments of the Commission on Culture of the Council of the City of Brno and of the representatives of the established cultural scene were also included. An updated version will be submitted to the city authorities for discussion.


The last few days remain to finish the second call in the COVID-Kultura (COVID-Culture) subsidy programme of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The Ministry has prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about the programme, which you can use if you are unsure about your application.

Applications within the second call of the COVID - Nájemné  (COVID – Rent)  programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic can be submitted electronically until as late as 21 January 2021.

This programme is for those entrepreneurs who, due to emergency lockdown measures, have had to temporarily close their shops  for retail activities and suspend the provision of services to customers in such facilities.


Creative vouchers for the year 2021 are here! This proven project run by the JIC innovation agency supports the cooperation of companies and experienced creatives from South Moravia. Do you have your own unique product or service? Then you can get up to CZK 100,000 from the city of Brno and JIC for a project with a creative professional. Registration for creatives is running until 25 November 2020.

Do you want to participate in decision-making concerning where the public funds of our city will be directed? Just join the participatory budget entitled Dáme na vás (We Will Give It to You) and vote for new ideas. In the field of culture, for example, the project of a Municipal Gallery in Cejl Street, which is being implemented these days, was supported in this particular way.

The House of Arts has announced new residences Brno AIR 2021 for artists living in the Czech Republic to cover their residences in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Please send your applications in English by the end of November 2020.

This week is the last chance to enter the open call of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2021. The award is open to artists under the age of 35, regardless of their degree of education or nationality.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network invites students to take part in the international literary competition Conversation with The Little Prince. If you have some time during the quarantine and a brilliant idea, please sign up by the end of November.

An online conference entitled Střed zájmu: Kultura v nové realitě (Focal Point: The New Reality for Culture) is organised by the Arts and Theatre Institute (Institut umění – Divadelní ústav) and the Creative Europe Office (Kancelář Kreativní Evropa). Personalities across the cultural sphere and scientific disciplines will discuss the future of culture in the context of current changes on Monday 23 November, starting from 10:00 a.m.

At the end of October, there was an online debate on the theme of 'Creativity and the State Should Speak the Same Language' (Kreativita a stát musí mluvit stejnou řečí). You can read the minutes of the discussion, the aim of which was to create an overview of the support and activities of the cultural and creative industries, on the Kreativní Česko (Creative Czechia) website. 


Have you ever visited the largest Czech open-air gallery? A unique series of murals is being created in Cejl Street these days, so don't miss out on it. The Municipal Gallery (Městská galerie) aims to give the 'Brno Bronx' a new, visually powerful character, by creating large-format paintings on the gable surfaces of houses; the authors of the murals are important Czech and worldwide artists.

→ You will not miss the Mezipatra Queer Film Festival this year! The entire programme runs online until November 21. The films are available for playback on the Aerovod platform; they will be followed by a livestream from the studio with interviews and Q&A with the creators.

→ Yesterday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the Centre for Experimental Theatre (Centrum experimentálního divadla) established an Embassy of Independent Belarusian Culture (Ambasáda nezávislé běloruské kultury), the aim of which is the promotion and support of independent culture and raising awareness of the current happenings in the country.

→ The new Dramox theatre streaming service is enjoying great popularity; more and more new performances from all over the country are being added to it. From the Brno stages you will find the Goose on a String Theatre (Divadlo Husa na provázku), the Radost Theatre (Divadlo Radost) and the National Theatre Brno (Národní divadlo Brno). Support theatre and set off for culture online.

→ Have you not managed to borrow books from the library during quarantine? The Jiří Mahen Library (Knihovna Jiřího Mahena) in Brno recommends the portal, where you will find a lot of free e-books available for download.

→ The Brno City Museum (Muzeum města Brna) also brings a rich online program. We can recommend, for example, a tour of the Temple of the Stone lapidary or the online exhibition Evropan Adolf Loos (Adolf Loos the European). Don't miss the perfectly designed interactive applications of the Museum.

→ At the beginning of November, the eleventh season of the Brno Art Week fine arts festival took place . The whole programme ran virtually, so you can look at all the recordings in retrospect.

TIC BRNO launched Gourmet Podcasts  (Gurmánské podcasty). There are many interesting stories behind Brno establishments, and you can listen to interviews with the owners of our best gastronomic establishments, such as the Monogram espresso bar, Komár kafe, KOISHI restaurant and Ramen.

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The poetic title Květy nevadnoucí (Flowers Never Fading) hides the most recent publishing achievement of Jiří Plocek. This compilation CD celebrates a quarter of a century since the establishment of the Moravian folklore series in his GNOSIS BRNO publishing house, which released fourteen albums created between 1995 and 2005. And they are not just ordinary albums. Jiří Plocek's enthusiasm and feeling for song is indisputable, but there is much more coming from the recordings – for example, it is the enthusiasm of the singers themselves, which Jiří Plocek fuelled during the recording sessions, while letting them play and sing according to their own will and mood. I must also emphasise the choice of performers themselves. The names have really become iconic by now – František Okénka, Zdeněk Kašpar, Karel Rajmic, Vlasta Grycová, Jiřina Miklošková and many others. Unfortunately, some of them have already departed from this world. Others, which we hear on the album as gifted children, are already rising to become another generations of singers – which is the case of Tomáš Beníček. I'm intentionally mentioning the singers, but the album itself also has a high musical quality. However, all the songs are performed by exceptional performers. This also gives them uniqueness in the spirit of a living folk tradition.  more

Two years after the monothematic album Bleděmodré město (Pale Blue City), for which the Brno-based group Nevermore & Kosmonaut received a nomination for the genre-specific Anděl Award, the band released a new album with a mysterious name XCR-9. The subheading Písně do rakety (Songs for a Space Shuttle) reveal more. While on the last album we walked through the streets of the city of Brno together with Michal Šimíček and his band, this time the singer-songwriter, who has been using the nickname Kosmonaut for years, is taking us on a fictitious journey into space.  more

The album Folk Swings of the Brno-based B-Side Band is being vividly discussed on social networks. Can a big band take the liberty of to playing the "sacred" songs of Czech folk? And what if these compositions are sung along with the band directly by their authors such as Jaromír Nohavica, Vlasta Redl or Slávek Janoušek? However, while the above might have been able to have their say concerning the arrangements, Karel Kryl, Zuzana Navarová or Wabi Ryvola could no longer make any comments regarding the makeovers of their songs… We talked to Petr Kovařík and Pavel Zlámal, members of the orchestra, about how the album was created, why Ryvola's song 'Tereza' sounds like a Cuban dance, and why 'Podvod' ('Scam') by Honza Nedvěd is played only as an instrumental piece. The two guys have actually created new arrangements for widely famed as well as less well-known folk songs, which now appear on this album.  more

Tiché lodi ('Silent Ships') is not a band, but a project of the guitarist and singer René Müller, who lives in Brno. While he recorded his previous album Časy vody ('Times of Water' – 2015) working together with Roman Cipísek Cerman, his former colleague from the band Hynkovy zámky ('Hynek's Locks'), Müller is now appearing all by himself on the new album – as writer of the music and lyrics, guitarist and singer, or – in his case more precisely – narrator.  more

Until recently, this Brno singer with the shortest given and family names was the leader of the blues band The Weathermakers. He also led the ephemeral "tramping" group The Honzíci. However, the main thing that he attracts attention with – in addition to the guitars and other instruments that he produces under the brand Red Bird – is his original solo production. After the mature debut Město [The City] (2018), he has now made himself heard with a new album entitled Potom [After]. In the lyrics he goes down to the core again, being able to transform his personal problems into timeless stories and extraordinary poetic expressions. And even though he abandoned the blues form in most of his songs, the recording, in which Martin Kyšperský once again participated as a producer, has a blues nature by its very essence.  more