Cultural newsletter of the Department of Culture of the City of Brno for the month of November 2023

16 November 2023, 18:00
Cultural newsletter of the Department of Culture of the City of Brno for the month of November 2023

The Brno Cultural Newsletter brings you an overview of events and opportunities in the coming period with regards to theatres, clubs, festivals and cultural events in Brno.

Dear fans of Brno culture,

There are not many statues and memorials dedicated to prominent female personalities in Brno. More accurately, there are very few of them, given how many women have linked their lives, work and legacy to our city. The disproportion was pointed out some time ago by the Meeting Brno festival initiative, and the list of those who deserve permanent commemoration in a public space included not only the nun and victim of Nazi terror Marie Restituta (the design of her statue is already known and should be installed in Husovice Park next year), but also Queen Eliška Rejčka, of course. Indeed, it is for the design of a sculpture that would pay tribute to the founder of the Cistercian monastery in Old Brno that the Office of the City Architect is announcing an architectural and artistic competition. The aim is a more comprehensive solution for the whole area in front of the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. With the reconstruction of Mendl Square this year, it should be possible to increase the appeal of this part of Brno, which is among the places popular with tourists. I myself am very curious to see which designs will be chosen and which one will be recommended as the best by the jury.

Markéta Vaňková,
Mayor of Brno


Tribute to Queen Eliška Rejčka in Old Brno

The Brno City Architect’s Office has announced an architectural and artistic competition

with the aim of finding the best design for a work of art in honour of Queen Eliška Rejčka.

This is also with reference to her personality and her work in Brno. It should include the architectural and landscape design of the adjacent area, which should form a harmonious whole with the artwork.

The deadline for the submitting competition tenders is 1 March 2024 at 12 pm.


The Department of Culture of the City of Brno, in cooperation with Targeta, invites you to a seminar: Cultural non-grant fundraising

How to get support in the form of funding or services/PR/goods, etc. in culture outside public sources and outside income from own activities? Find out at the seminars we have prepared for you together with Targeta. A seminar for beginners in this area will take place on 27 November 2023, while the advanced seminar will take place on 28 November 2023.

The seminar capacity is limited, so please register here.



Recruitment procedure for a Director of the Brno House of Arts

On 25 October, the Brno City Council announced a recruitment procedure for the position of Director of the Brno House of Arts.

If you wish to apply for this position, you must submit your application by 31 January 2024 at the latest.

Detailed CONDITIONS of the recruitment procedure.


Subsidy “For A Creative Brno” - Stage 5

The Brno City Council has approved the announcement of the fifth call for the “For A Creative Brno” grant program. The objectives of the grant program are to support entrepreneurship

and the systematic development of creative industries, promote Brno’s creative sector at the national and international level, educate the professional and lay public and support artists’ new activities with benefits for society. Applications will be open from  1 December to the end of January, with selected projects running from April to October 2024. 


European Digital Deal - call for artists for 2024

The European Digital Deal invites artists interested in exploring the links between new technologies and democracy to apply for one of 12 residencies.
Selected artists will receive a grant of €25,000, access to an incubation program and the opportunity to exhibit their work at various events. The deadline for applications is 30 November 2023. 


Course for applicants for European Cooperation Projects 2024

Do you want to obtain a grant for a European cultural project? The Creative Europe Office has prepared a course aimed at developing your project plan for the purpose of applying to the EU Creative Europe program's European Cooperation Projects 2024 call (deadline 23 January 2024). Final submission of the application is not a requirement for participation in the course.

The content of the two workshops will include the detailed theoretical and practical preparation of specific applications. 

If you are interested in attending the course, please register by 20 November 2023.


LIVEMX - call for music projects for 2024

The European LIVEMX project call supports the music sector in thematic areas such as music export, live music spaces and digital circulation and audience engagement. The project is supported by the European initiative Music Moves Europe. Projects are submitted under the following three thematic headings: Music Export, Live Music Spaces, Digital Circulation and Audience Engagement. The call closes on 6 January 2024.


LÁVKA conference - space for cultural hubs 

LÁVKA is intended for all those who are involved in the creation of cultural centres, creative hubs and artistic communities or who are just starting a new project. The conference is a platform to compare practical experiences in managing larger and smaller cultural hubs. How to target your fundraising, get a grant or make your event more visible?

The conference will also include the opening of the ensemble exhibition LÁVKA.

The conference will take place on 25 November 2023 at 9 am at the INDUSTRA creative hub.



The strength and fragility of Czech glass and porcelain tested by fire. The unique exhibition project of the Moravian Gallery in Brno in cooperation with the Prague International Designblok Festival presents the best of Czech glass, porcelain and ceramics. The exhibition is on display from 17 November at the Museum of Decorative Arts.



Come and see the best short animated films from around the world. Kino Art is organizing the 7th edition of the Anishort Festival, which will offer 18 of the best animated films awarded at international festivals.
The entire program of the Anishort Festival, which takes place on 27 November 2023, is English friendly. 


On 16 November, the Husa na Provázku Theatre will premiere Kamila Polívková’s production Nevyletět z Brna, je ze mě zkyslá srna (Had I Not Left Brno, I'd Be a Sourpuss Now), a production that plays out the texts of Brno native, author and documentary filmmaker Dora Kapralová, who has lived in Berlin since 2008 and enjoys moving between cities beginning with the letter B.


Vašulka Kitchen Brno invites you to a commented evening of listening hosted by Associate Professor Martin Flašar! The listening program will introduce Rudolf Růžička as a composer and pioneer of Czech electroacoustic and computer music. The event will take place on Tuesday 21 November 2023 at 6 pm in the Jaroslav Kral Hall, House of Art. 


MEGABROUCI will be presented to the general public in a world première at the Brno Exhibition Centre. This unique exhibition presents insects as we have never seen them before - in the form of extremely enlarged exhibits with the aim of capturing even the smallest detail. The exhibition can be seen until 31 January 2024.


On 4 December, Creative Brno invites you to an expo of selected projects that have received grants for creatives. You will have the opportunity to speak to the project authors about their implementation and the benefits that financial support from the city has allowed them to achieve. And if you want to become one of the future applicants, you can use this event as an opportunity to consult your ideas!


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Connection, unity, contemplation - these words can be used to describe the musical evening of Schola Gregoriana Pragensis under the direction of David Eben and organist Tomáš Thon, which took place yesterday as part of the Easter Festival of Sacred Music at the church of St. Thomas. Not only the singing of a Gregorian chant, but also the works of composer Petr Eben (1929-2007) enlivened the church space with sound and colour for an hour.  more

With a concert called Ensemble Inégal: Yesterday at the church of St. John, Zelenka opened the 31st edition of the Easter Festival of Sacred Music, this time with the suffix Terroir. This slightly mysterious word, which is popularly used in connection with wine, comes from the Latin word for land or soil, and carries the sum of all the influences, especially the natural conditions of a particular location and on the plants grown there. This term is thus metonymically transferred to the programme of this year's VFDH, as it consists exclusively of works by Czech authors, thus complementing the ongoing Year of Czech Musicmore

For the fourth subscription concert of the Philharmonic at Home serieswhich took place on 14 March at the Besední dům and was entitled Mozartiana, the Brno Philharmonic, this time under the direction of Czech-Japanese conductor Chuhei Iwasaki, chose four works from the 18th to 20th centuries. These works are dramaturgically linked either directly through their creation in the Classical period or by inspiration from musical practices typical of that period. The first half of the concert featured Martina Venc Matušínská with a solo flute.  more

The second stop on the short Neues Klavier Trio Dresden's Czech-German tour was at the concert hall of the Janáček Academy of Music on 6 March at 16:00. A programme consisting of world premières by two Czech and two German composers was performed in four cities (Prague, Brno, Leipzig and Dresden).  more

The last opera première of the National Theatre Brno this year was Hurvínek Sells the Bride, which was co-produced with the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre. The première continued the thematic focus associated with the Year of Czech Music and took place on 24 November in the large hall of the Reduta Theatre.  more