Culture Department of the Brno City Municipality – November Cultural Newsletter

Culture Department of the Brno City Municipality – November Cultural Newsletter

Brno Cultural Newsletter presents a summary of events and changes relating to theatres, clubs, festivals and, overall, cultural events in Brno in the upcoming period. This time, it also focuses on Brno’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028.

Dear friends,

Greetings from me again after a month with fresh news from the world of culture in Brno and beyond. Anyone who joined us on the 13th Brno Cultural Parliament (Brněnský kulturní parlament) probably already knows that we have selected the two to lead Brno’s bid for European Capital of Culture 2028. Slowly, more and more members are joining, so there is nothing to prevent us from going full steam ahead with the preparations for the candidacy. We started by gathering input from people through our emotional map. Our goal is to involve the whole of Brno! Rate the culture in Brno and let us know what topics are important for the city. We also continue to collect suggestions via email:

Part of the preparation for the candidacy is, of course, international cooperation, which is why I visited Łódź last week, the Polish city where they have valuable experience in revitalizing industrial areas such as Zbrojovka or Mosilana in Brno. The theme of architecture and monument restoration also resonated within the open call at the Brno Cultural Parliament, as well as the topic of music. That's why I attended a conference on music in Krakow, entitled Tak brzmi miasto, and met cultural actors from Tallinn, Estonia, which has recently joined Brno within the UNESCO Creative Cities Networks in the field of music. Their local festival Tallinn Music Week 2022 is currently looking for musicians of all genres from all over the world, so here’s your chance. More details can be found in the Opportunities section below. We would also like to make contact with Tartu 2024 and other cities that have experience with ECOC. Continue to follow our newsletter, our website or Facebook page where we bring you the latest from Brno culture.

Your Councillor for Culture
Marek Fišer


Let us introduce to you the two people who will be leaders of Brno’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028. Šárka Berková, Candidacy Manager, and Marcela Straková, Programme Manager of ECOC 2028, presented us, in a short interview organised before the thirteenth session of the Brno Cultural Parliament, with their vision and the next steps of the preparation process.

Rate the culture in Brno. Complete the emotional map and help us find out how you like living in Brno and how you feel about the local culture, creative industries or public space. Your answers will allow us to create a realistic picture of the direction Brno should take in the future and where its main potential lies. The data we source will be used, in particular, as part of preparing for Brno’s candidacy in the European Capital of Culture competition. 

On Wednesday 3 November 2021, we met at KUMST Creative Hub as part of the Parliament to present the first steps Brno has taken so far towards its dream goal of being the European Capital of Culture for 2028. Thank you all for the participation, the discussion and the great atmosphere, from which it was clear that Brno WANTS to be a city of culture. If you missed any part of it, you can watch the recording, including the morning presentations of the open call.

The new grant rules, which will apply to all grant calls of the Brno City Municipality, were approved by the November meeting of the General Assembly of the City of Brno. The rules are intended to ensure a uniform procedure for the provision of programme or individual grants from the budget of the City of Brno. 

Another year of the Brno Participatory Budget Dáme na vás (We Give It To You) is here. This year too you can vote on the projects you would like to support in Brno. In the cultural sector, you can choose from projects such as the open-air stage at the Brno Dam ReservoirMendel Point at Špilberk or repairs of monuments in Líšeň.


This year, the Creative Vouchers Brno programme opens again to support cooperation between businesses and creative service providers for projects costing up to CZK 100,000. Want to be part of a creative gallery of professionals? Offer your graphical design services, perfect photos, videos, an easier-to-navigate website or even the design of a new product or an entire building to dozens of South Moravian companies. Registration is open until 30 November 2021.

ATI opens another year of the ATI’s Academy (Akademie IDU) – a training scheme targeting cultural managers and focussing on strategic thinking, planning and leadership. The course is designed for leaders (directors) of cultural organisations who want to work on defining and achieving the goals of their organisations. Please register by 15 January 2022. 

Sign up for Tallinn Music Week 2022. The Estonian festival welcomes artists of all genres from all over the world to compete for the chance to play at one of Europe’s most renowned international music festivals. The festival in Tallinn, which is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of music, like Brno, will take place from 4 to 8 May 2022.

Brno’s KUMST Creative Hub Brno offers coworking spaces. You can book individual days on their website. You can work here every working day from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology has launched a call for proposals to create a new sustainable innovation partnership to strengthen Europe’s cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI). The call is open to consortia of organisations and CCSI industry and sector leaders that bring together education, research and business. 

The Ministry of Culture continues its participatory approach to National Recovery Plan. The main objective of the October public consultation was to continue cooperation with sector representatives and territorial partners in the preparation and implementation of the programmes. You can see a recording of the event, the presentation used and annotations of the planned calls on the Ministry’s website.

Another event in the Focal Point series organised by the Creative Europe Desk will focus on gender equality in cultural industries and organisations this time. The event takes place on 6 December 2021. 

Are you looking for funding to arrange for an artist-in-residence stay, visiting partners, shadowing partner institutions, attending conferences and trade shows? The Creative Europe Desk has prepared a webinar on financial instruments for artists and cultural workers to cover international travel. In addition to the European programmes (Creative Europe, i-Portunus and Erasmus+), they also presented other sources of funding and information. You can watch a recording of the webinar on their website. 


The 32nd anniversary of the events of 17 November 1989 will be celebrated by the festival Brněnský sedmnáctý (Brno’s Seventeenth). Especially in Náměstí Svobody, but also in other places in Brno, you can commemorate the significance of the Velvet Revolution together with students of Brno universities and citizens of Brno.

As part of the Brno’s Seventeenth festival, you can come and see the production of Putin lyžuje (Putin Is Skiing), which will be performed by theatre Divadlo Líšeň in Moravské náměstí by the statue of Jobst. The on-stage documentary entitled Putin Is Skiing deals with the theme of Putin’s rise to power and Russia’s move towards totalitarianism.

A monographic exhibition of work by Ester Krumbachová at Dům umění (House of Arts), which is intended to refer to the artist’s life’s work, starts on 24 November.  The exhibition will present, for example, photographs from and examples of films from the artist’s work, which will be complemented by other interesting content by artists inspired by the work of Ester Krumbachová. The gala opening will take place on 23 November. 

Opera concerts with reference to the works by Bohuslav Martinů and Leoš Janáček will be part of the well-known Brno festival Janáček Brno; they will be held at the Janáček Theatre until the end of November. Among other things, there will also be a recital by Pavol Breslik and Róbert Pechanec at the Reduta theatre.

From November to mid-December, there is a series of lectures held at the Technical Museum in Brno, entitled O nové Brno II (For New Brno II). Everyone with an interest in modern architecture and design will find something for themselves here. Each of the lectures starts at 5 p.m. and they are presented by experts from the Brno City Museum and the Silesian Museum.

At the beginning of December, travel enthusiasts can visit the Travel stand-up festival which will take place from 3 to 5 December at Expediční klubovna (Expedition Clubhouse).

You will also be able to ride the cruising wave on 6 December at Scala University CinemaBrno will be visited by the famous Czech traveller Ladislav Zibura, who will present his new book Prázdniny v Česku (Holidays in the Czech Republic).

Queer Film Fest Mezipatra takes place in Brno until 20 November. The programme will once again be packed with the best feature films and documentaries. The festival will also include parties, engaging discussions and Industry sections with the participation of talented queer filmmakers. The theme of the 22nd edition is aptly entitled Oslava života (Celebration of Life).

Chamber concerts in the Löw-Beer Villa in Brno will help to bring the Christmas atmosphere closer. On 8 December, Polish guitarist Marcin Dylla will perform, while 16 December features a duo of Svěcený & Bláha with violin, guitar and repertoire of major European composers.

Vašulka Kitchen Brno invites you to their November lectures given by theoreticians of contemporary art with a focus on video art and new media. Icelandic theoretician and curator Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdottir from Reykjavik University of Fine Arts and Robert Horvitz, an American media artist and theoretician based in Prague will be there.

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The long-delayed premiere of the composition The Basement Sketches by composer Michal Nejtek, whose performance was planned for June 2020 and which was commissioned by the Brno Philharmonic, was finally performed on Thursday 25 November at the Community Hall (Besední dům) venue. Together with the Cellar Sketches, the Variations on a Theme by Haydn in B flat major, Op. 56a by Johannes Brahms and Cello Concerto Op. 22 by Samuel Barber were played. In addition to Brno Philharmonic players, cellist Matt Haimovitz and pianist Nikol Bóková also performed. The dramaturgically varied evening, consisting of three distinctly different musical pieces of work and period contexts, was led by the ensemble’s chief conductor Dennis Russell Daviesmore

On Monday 22 November, the second concert of the Brno Contemporary Orchestra’s festive tenth season, entitled Kamenné mantry (Stone Mantras), presented compositions by Fausto Romitelli, Michal Rataj, Miloslav Ištvan and the recently deceased (well known to Brno audiences) Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavičius. In addition to the orchestra itself, there were also soprano singer Irena Troupová, marimba player Martin Opršál and reciter Pavel Zajíc, who replaced Otakar Blaha in the programme. The concert, organised in cooperation with the Moravian Museum, was conducted by the artistic director of the ensemble Pavel Šnajdrmore

The work by the British composer Benjamin Britten forms an essential part of contemporary opera production. Worldwide, he is even the most frequently staged author born in the 20th century.  Peter Grimes, with a libretto by Montagu Slater based on a poem by George Crabbe, became the opera that set the course for Britten's next musical-dramatic works. And it is with the title Peter Grimes that the Brno National Theatre has opened the opera part of the 2021/2022 season. The story of a rough and tumble fisherman, whose two young apprentices die soon after each other and who as a result sails out to sea, where he sinks his boat and himself with it, had its Czechoslovak premiere in Brno in June 1947. Almost 75 years after, the story of a fishing village, resentment, cruelty and gossip is now coming to life again in the Janáček Theatre, directed by David Radok and with a musical score by Marko Ivanović. The title role was played by tenor Joachim Bäckström and the widowed teacher Ellen Orford, who found affection in Grimes, was portrayed by soprano Jana Šrejma Kačírková. This is not the first time that these two have met on stage together – it was with Mark Ivanović and David Radok that they had previously joined forces for the play Juliette / Lidský hlas (Juliette/The Human Voice). Jana Hrochová (Auntie), Andrea Široká (Niece), Tereza Kyzlinková (Niece), Svatopluk Sem (Balstrode), Jitka Sapara-Fischerová (Mrs. Nabob Sedley), Jan Št'áva (Swallow), Vít Nosek (Bob Boles), Petr Levíček (Horace Adams), David Nykl (Hobson), Jiří Hájek (Ned Keene) and Ivo Šiler (Dr. Crabbe) were also featured, along with the others.  more

Under the “cipher” 29/2 (reads as “Twenty-ninth February”) there is a band that was created for a bit of fun. They used compositional techniques that should not work in songwriting at all. It has united musicians who, by definition, perhaps can never understand each other. And yet the result is an album of very strong songs that, despite all the experimentalism, makes sense and works as a whole.  more

Yesterday, Visitors to the Brno City Theatre experienced the Czech premiere of the Broadway musical hit Pretty Woman. Directed by Stanislav Moša, this theatrical adaptation of the famous blockbuster highlighted the strengths of the movie. Until the break, the viewer is mostly laughing royally and having fun in this tale of a modern Cinderella, and then in the second half the impressiveness and lyricism of the whole title is especially pronounced.  more