Culture Newsletter from the BCH Department of Culture, March 2024

Culture Newsletter from the BCH Department of Culture, March 2024

The Brno Culture Newsletter brings you an overview of what is happening in theatres, clubs, festivals and cultural events in Brno.

Dear fans of Brno culture,

I hesitate to repeat myself, but even so I am pleased to remind you that the Council approved the culture grants, without any changes to the original proposal, at its first meeting in March. Nearly thirty million will be divided among two hundred projects, and I am in no doubt that the money invested will help ensure that cultural life in Brno remains diverse, with an offer intended for - and available to - all those interested. Finally, the second Poesiomat launched in front of the former Káznice na Cejlu prison provides great proof that culture in Brno is not just something that remains behind closed doors, available only to some. When public space is cultivated creatively and originally, it works.

I would also like to congratulate Simona Peková on winning the Czech Lion. There is no doubt that it belongs to her by right. "I didn't know that I wasn't famous", she marvelled in an interview. We had and still have - fortunately - many great "not-famous" (even unknown, according to one headline from the recent media storm, ) actresses and actors in Brno. Yet thank goodness we do know about them. One of them is also mentioned in a new monograph by critic Luboš Mareček, aptly titled The Prince of Acting, dedicated to Ladislav Lakomý. I remember this charismatic actor with his distinctive voice from his many performances at the Mahen Theatre and from his last role on the stage at the Brno Municipal Theatre. Hence I am all the more pleased - and with gratitude for these unforgettable theatrical experiences - that the City of Brno could support the publication of this book.

Markéta Vaňková
Mayor of Brno


The XVIIIth Brno Cultural Forum is just round the corner!

The first Brno Cultural Forum this year will take place on 16 April 2024.
The eighteenth meeting of the Cultural Forum will focus on education in the cultural and creative industries, specifically on education in the school environment, education of cultural and creative sector workers, and audience education. This time the forum will be thematically held at the Institute of Musicology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University.
Register early as space is limited and places are running out fast. For more up-to-date information about the programme, please visit the Facebook page official events of the XVIIIth BCF and the Culture Brno website. 

We have approved cultural grants for 2024
Councillors approved one-year cultural grants for 2024 on 5 March 2024. The results are published here. A total of 301 applications were submitted for 2024. Financial support of CZK 29,691,000 was distributed among 205 successful projects and activities of cultural organisations. 

#Education #Innovation #Prosperity 2 

The City of Brno once again supported the #Education #Innovation #Prosperity 2 project from the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno, which follows on from the success of last year. The project aims to support, through training, the continuous personal development and professional growth of workers in the cultural and creative industries, something necessary to produce quality, innovative and creative work, to provide attractive services and to ensure successful business activity. The project is composed of sub-themes falling under the supported activities - management skills including communication skills, digital skills and financial literacy. We will inform you about the opening of the spring courses in due time. 

Manual for organisers of cultural events in Brno

Culture Brno presents a new guide for organising cultural events in Brno! Find out about conditions for both indoor and outdoor events, tips for promotional activities or other services, and much more useful information.

The manual for cultural event organisers can be found here.

Poesiomat appeared in front of the former Káznice na Cejlu prison

The Poesiomat project is an art phenomenon in the public space. These talking sculptures have been placed in public spaces since 2015 by the Piána na ulici association founded by Ondřej Kobza.  Thanks to support from the City of Brno, we can now boast a second Poesiomat, this time in front of the former Káznice na Cejlu prison. The Poesiomat in front of the prison, which resembles a submarine's periscope and has a crank you can turn to make it talk and sing, was unveiled on 12 March. Now you can listen to poetry by important Czech poets who were interned in the prison, authentic memoirs of political prisoners, as well as poems, songs and texts by contemporary Czech and Roma authors. 


An honorary grave for Ivan Sedláček

The City of Brno has supported the placement of a tombstone for the choirmaster, conductor, founder of the Kantiléna choir and winner of many awards, including the Brno City Prize, Mgr. Ivan Sedláček. The tombstone will be placed in the honorary burial ground at the Brno Central Cemetery. The creator of the tombstone, which should be finished in the second half of 2024, will be sculptor Jiří Sobotka. 

Bust of Ernst Wiesner in Villa Stiassni

Councillors have approved an individual investment grant of CZK 250,000 for the Jewish Community of Brno for the creation of a bust of Ernst Wiesner in Villa Stiassni. Ernst or Arnošt Wiesner was one of the most important Brno architects of the interwar period. His buildings include the Brno Crematorium at the Central Cemetery, the Haas Villa and the Morava Palace. The bust in Villa Stiassni is to be unveiled during the ŠTETL FEST festival of Jewish culture to be held under the auspices of the Ambassador of Israel and the Mayor of Brno. The unveiling ceremony will take place on 31 August 2024. 



The CO.LABS creative centre is looking for a renovation contractor
The CO.LABS Independent Arts Zone, which recently won the Czech Theatre DNA Award, is preparing for a major renovation and has been looking for a contractor since February! With this renovation, CO.LABS will become a unique cultural centre of European stature providing a comprehensive space for independent creation and presentation across different art forms. The deadline for applications is 22 March 2024. 


Conference: Cooperation Between Libraries and Schools

On Tuesday, 26 March, the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno will host a national conference entitled Cooperation Between Libraries and Schools, which will not only summarise the current state of cooperation but also open a broad discussion that will lead to a better understanding of the needs and expectations of both parties. The programme will include an opportunity to take part in discussions with representatives of ministries, local government, academia, the Association of Librarians and Information Workers of the Czech Republic, the Association of Libraries of the Czech Republic, and the Association of Libraries of Czech Universities and, of course, libraries and schools themselves. Come and be inspired by examples of good practice, explore the Databank of Educational Programmes, or learn more about the cultural strategy and concept of general education in Brno. 


The Mahen Academy for the 21st Century

The Mahen Academy for the 21st Century is a cultural, social and educational platform for meeting, creating and sharing ideas across generations, established in the autumn of 2022 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Jiří Mahen Library. This year you will again have the opportunity to attend lectures, talks, readings, debates, book presentations, and even practical workshops. You will have the chance to meet prominent personalities of contemporary Czech literature and leading publishers, discover the endless possibilities and pitfalls of journalism, explore issues relating to ecology, sustainability, social issues, music, modern history and the latest scientific knowledge. 


Sunday theatre workshops at the Polárka Theatre

Are you tempted to experience theatre from the other side? From the stage itself and also backstage? As part of the Sunday Workshops series, the Polárka Theatre's Malý vůz section organises various workshops for the public focused on the theatrical environment. You can try out various theatre professions and discover the whole process of creating a performance. There will be a total of seven Sunday meetings during the season, always from 9:00 to 12:00. You can attend all the workshops or just those you are most interested in. 


Prototyp is looking for volunteers

Prototyp is a creative, educational and organisational platform that aims to closely connect the spheres of art, science and technology and to create a space for their unconventional presentation. Prototyp is still looking for enthusiastic and skilled people to help organise a cultural event that is unparalleled in Brno.

As a volunteer, you will try your hand in a variety of positions - preparing an exhibition, working with visitors and artists, looking after exhibits, and other activities necessary for the smooth running of such an event. 


One World 2024 film festival is looking for volunteers

From 18 to 28 March 2024 you have a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the One World festival and become a member of the festival team. You can help with the preparation of the opening and closing ceremonies, with the operation of the festival cinemas, with assistance for foreign guests, simply do some manual work, or be part of the VR screenings In addition to doing a good deed, upon completing four shifts you will receive an accreditation for the entire festival and a confirmed internship if you are a student, along with being able to enjoy a diverse programme of films, debates with directors and protagonists and, of course, a festival T-shirt.



Brno will welcome the next One World festival on 21 March. This time with a somewhat non-traditional opening at the Fléda club, where you can look forward to a packed evening full of human rights debates, the band Zelené koule, a buffet, a kids' theatre and, of course, the screening of a selected film.


From 22 to 24 March 2024 you can come and explore unique architectural gems during the official opening of the city’s water storage tanks. For the opening event, Prototyp and TIC Brno have prepared an audiovisual show inspired by the ubiquitous water with large-scale projections that will transform the two brick-built water tanks into a living work of art.


March is the month of readers. This time, the Jiří Mahen Library has prepared a programme for children up to six years old to enjoy with their parents.


The Kontext Gallery will present the Daily Bread exhibition by artist Lenka Tyrpeklová on 27 March. The Daily Bread (or Fairy Tales from Prison) exhibition is an extension of Lenka Tyrpeklová's previous project called Dno den (Rock Bottom), which focused on the Czech prison system.


New York saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin and Japanese trumpeter Takuya Kuroda will be presenting the best of contemporary jazz. On 21 March, they will bring the frantic pace of New York - the city that never sleeps and the city that has shaped both musicians - to the Divadlo Husa theatre. 


Fléda cordially invites you to a concert on 16 March as part of the joint tour of local RnB star Annet X and superproducer Nobodylisten. 


The Cuerpo V exhibition by Mexican artist Jimena Mendoza will open at Dům pánů z Kunštátu on 19 March. Together with this, a new exhibition at Vašulka Kitchen Brno by Sigrún Harðardóttir will open entitled: Permutations.


On 22 and 23 March, the Game Media Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology invites you to the first edition of the Lektvar festival, which aims to place student games into the broader context of the art scene and creative industries. The first edition will introduce the theme of colour in its full spectrum of use in both original and general game development. 


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Connection, unity, contemplation - these words can be used to describe the musical evening of Schola Gregoriana Pragensis under the direction of David Eben and organist Tomáš Thon, which took place yesterday as part of the Easter Festival of Sacred Music at the church of St. Thomas. Not only the singing of a Gregorian chant, but also the works of composer Petr Eben (1929-2007) enlivened the church space with sound and colour for an hour.  more

With a concert called Ensemble Inégal: Yesterday at the church of St. John, Zelenka opened the 31st edition of the Easter Festival of Sacred Music, this time with the suffix Terroir. This slightly mysterious word, which is popularly used in connection with wine, comes from the Latin word for land or soil, and carries the sum of all the influences, especially the natural conditions of a particular location and on the plants grown there. This term is thus metonymically transferred to the programme of this year's VFDH, as it consists exclusively of works by Czech authors, thus complementing the ongoing Year of Czech Musicmore

For the fourth subscription concert of the Philharmonic at Home serieswhich took place on 14 March at the Besední dům and was entitled Mozartiana, the Brno Philharmonic, this time under the direction of Czech-Japanese conductor Chuhei Iwasaki, chose four works from the 18th to 20th centuries. These works are dramaturgically linked either directly through their creation in the Classical period or by inspiration from musical practices typical of that period. The first half of the concert featured Martina Venc Matušínská with a solo flute.  more

The second stop on the short Neues Klavier Trio Dresden's Czech-German tour was at the concert hall of the Janáček Academy of Music on 6 March at 16:00. A programme consisting of world premières by two Czech and two German composers was performed in four cities (Prague, Brno, Leipzig and Dresden).  more

The last opera première of the National Theatre Brno this year was Hurvínek Sells the Bride, which was co-produced with the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre. The première continued the thematic focus associated with the Year of Czech Music and took place on 24 November in the large hall of the Reduta Theatre.  more