Ensemble Opera Diversa presents the world premiere of Light at the End of the Darkness

5 December 2022, 1:00
Ensemble Opera Diversa presents the world premiere of Light at the End of the Darkness

The one-act opera Light at the End of the Darkness for four voices was inspired by the life and work of František Drtikol, a Czech photographer who worked between 1901 and 1935. The music was composed by the Ensemble Opera Diversa’s principal composer Ondřej Kyas, the libretto and direction of the entire piece was provided by Kateřina Křivánková.

Ensemble Opera Diversa systematically aims at exploring and blending staging practices. This approach connects with the progressive work of the famous photographer František Drtikol, which was initially influenced by the late Art Nouveau style and later by cubist-futurist elements. The name of František Drtikol is usually associated only with photography, forgetting that Drtikol was also a mystic and a thinker who also worked in drawing, painting and printmaking. On a ground plan made up of fragments from Drtikol’s life, the viewer is shown the photographer’s inner world, the processes and dilemmas of his work, and perhaps the way to find inner contentment and peace. The production will include a scenic video projection which is not just a visual supplement, but a full-fledged part of the work that will help to better approach Drtikol’s work. However, this will not be a documentary publication of reproductions, but a presentation of video as an art form in its own right. The world premiere is announced for Wednesday 28 December 2022 at 19:00 at the Reduta Theater in Brno.

Light at the End of the Darkness

music by Ondřej Kyas

libretto and direction by Kateřina Křivánková

dramaturgy: Hana Hložková

set and costumes: Sylva Marková

video design by Tomáš Hrůza

Persons and cast: Photographer František – Aleš Janiga, Muse 1 (President; Josef; Accordion player) – Hana Cupáková | Jana Vondrů, Muse 2 (Lída; Karel; Mysterious girl) – Aneta Podracká Bendová, Muse 3 (Apple seller; Peter; Composer; Carousel driver) – Klára Jelínková, EOD Chamber Orchestra Violin – Jan Bělohlávek, Cello – Iva Wiesnerová, Accordion – Žaneta Vítová, Synthesizers – Ondřej Kyas

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