Fléda Club: Music Autumn with GusGus, Alyona Alyona and others

5 September 2019, 1:00
Fléda Club: Music Autumn with GusGus, Alyona Alyona and others

The Icelandic band GusGus will start the autumn season at Fléda. It will be followed by a concert of the Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona. New albums will be presented in Brno by Hooverphonic, Jan Blomqvist Band, De Staat, Movits! and Kadebostany. The highlight of the autumn dramaturgy will be a performance by Vitalic with their new project Kompromat.

The Fléda music club for a long time presents concerts of top performers of different genres, especially in the field of contemporary electronic and dance music. The series will be launched by Icelandic GusGus with a concert version of their new album Lies Are More Flexible. This group of versatile personalities, headed by Daníel Ágúst and Biggi Veira, also promises an audiovisual show.     

Another big name of the autumn programme is Alyona Alyona, a discovery of the Ukrainian hip hop scene. Kindergarten teacher Alyona Savranenko is an extraordinary rapper who, with her creative work, gained the attention of the world media in the spring and the hearts of European festival visitors in the summer. Fléda will hear her debut album Pushka, which is a genuine report on the state of Ukrainian rap and society, but also an original testimony of her own difficult path to success. 

October's electronic music series will begin with a six-member ensemble of Belgian Hooverphonic . In addition to songs from the current Looking For Star album, the audience will surely be delighted with the notorious hits Eden, 2 Wicky and Mad About You, dominated by the new singer Luka Cruysbergs . Charismatic Berliner Jan Blomqvist will present his complete project Disconnected. The resulting four-part compilation was produced in Iceland, the California desert, New York and Berlin. While the first two places represent nature full of solitude and seclusion, the other two represent vibrant metropolises dominated by virtual reality. Blomqvist will present a musical clash of both worlds on Fleda in a live show with drummer Christian Dammann and keyboardist Felix Lehman. October climax will be an electrifying show of genre-unclassified provocateurs De Staat. This Dutch five, which with their mix of rock, opera, punk and electronic, kicked Fléda to its knees in 2017, is returning to the crime scene with its content-controversial album Bubble Gum, in which it comments on the world of social bubbles, social codes and Trump's rhetoric.     

November will bring two crucial items. Kadebostany (indie-pop) and a performance to their last album Monumental. Their first-league fusion of pop, edm and world music will be accompanied by a unique visual identity of a fictitious country. Vitalic, an icon of European dance music, in their new project Kompromat threw away all the barriers and in collaboration with Rebecca Warrior created a raw dance album named Traum und Existenz. The dramatic handwriting of the avant-garde producer blends perfectly with Rebecca's disturbing vocals. Their only stop in the Czech Republic will offer latest material to fans of Kraftwerk or Einstürzende Neubauten. 

In November, concerts of various genres from many parts of the world will forerun the revealing of the content of Vitalic's long-secret project. Hard rock and hip hop will be interconnected by American crossover pioneers Dog Eat Dog. Hard music lovers will come to be plunged into the noise of the Belgian band Amenra, complemented by the Swiss hypnotic duo ELR and the Australian sludge quartet YLVA. Myslovitz will come from neighbouring Poland. After the conquest of MTV and Czech radios, it clearly moves from mass pop to a more experimental musical position. Intense Swedish lessons will be given to club visitors by the jazz rappers Movits! in the show to accompany their current double album V.  

This year's dramaturgy again includes Czech and Slovak music, in addition to the annual concerts of J.A.R., Monkey Business, Mig 21, Skyline, Gaia Mesiah, Visací zámek and Poletíme?, other projects will be introduced. These will be launched by Insania with their 888th gig, supported by a number of guests. The group Jelen in cooperation with Míša Tučná will pay tribute to Michal Tučný, Nestor of Czech country and folk music, through a project named Spím v obilí [Sleeping in the Grain]. One of the most interesting domestic singers Lenny came out of the originally folk environment and she will launch her upcoming second album in the club. The Slovak scene is represented by the rock band Desmod with their album Molekuly zvuku [Molecules of Sound]. A more alternative approach is represented in the programme by a concert of David Stypka & Bandjeez on a joint tour with Korben Dallas from Slovakia. Perhaps the most anticipated domestic concert project is the December performance of the band -123min. The band will launch a vinyl version of their first record made after ten years, in addition to collaborating with legendary jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz. The album is called Les [The Forest] and it is all sung in the Czech language.    

The Fléda club also continues to support the local hip hop scene. The programme will offer, for example, the launch of the long awaited news of the legendary PSH aka Peneři strýčka Homeboye, who will launch their new album Debut in the full line-up, Vladimir 518, Orion and DJ Mike Trafik. In addition, the head of the label Comebackgang Pil C will perform, later on Gleb rotating among grime, drum'n'bass and glitch hop styles. MC Gey (RλP-LIFE 2) and IDEA (Tempo) and others will jointly launch their new albums, too. 

Selected concerts of the autumn season 2019.


18 September    GusGus (ISL)

20 September    PSH - album release

26 September    Alyona Alyona (UA)

28 September    Pil C, Čaba Laciga


04 October     Hooverphonic (BE)

05 October     Insania – Concert 888&

06 October     Dog Eat Dog (USA)

11 October     Idea: Tempo / MC Gey: R

12 October    Jan Blomqvist

13 October     Blešák na Flédě / Fléda Flea Market

16 October     J.A.R.  – 30 případů majora Romana [30 cases of Major Roman]

17 October     J.A.R.  – 30 případů majora Romana [30 cases of Major Roman]30 cases of Major Roman

19 October     Calin, STEIN27, SHXRTY & K OJO + others / Mike Roft Tour

23 October     Jelen & Míša Tučná - Spím v obilí [Sleeping in the Grain]

24 October     Jelen & Míša Tučná - Spím v obilí [Sleeping in the Grain]

30 October     De Staat: Bubble Gum Tour


02 November     Gleb

03 November     Blešák na Flédě / Fléda Flea Market

05 November     Lenny: Lovers Tour

07 November     Myslovitz (PL)

11 November     Amenra (BE) / ELR (CH) / YLVA (AUS)

12 November     Gaia Mesia

13 November     Movits! (SWE)

14 November     MIG 21 - HYJÉ! Tour

15 November     MIG 21 - HYJÉ! Tour

16 November     MIG 21 - HYJÉ! Tour

20 November     Velvet Club Revolution

21 November     Desmod

23 November     Kadebostany (CH)

29 November     Vitalic: K Live (FR)

GusGus / photo from FB of the band



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Yesterday evening at the piazzetta of the Janáček Theatre was marked by a concert to commence the 2019/2020 season of the National Theatre Brno (NdB). Promotion of the event ensured the most important thing for this music evening – hundreds of spectators who filled up the whole place. We should not forget the really wide age range, which is so much needed for future culture, especially at its lower limit (still in strollers).     more

Only rarely one single song is the main topic for an interview. In the case of the cellist Josef Klíč, the concert master of the National Theatre in Brno, this was offered. It does not happen every day that a  Czech composer and his song reach the finals of a worldwide competition. However, there were more reasons for our talk – memories of the late Jaroslav Erik Frič, Josef's contract at the Janáček Theatre and the upcoming new album.  more

For the opening concert of the 20th anniversary season of the Špilberk Festival yesterday, the Brno Philharmonic chose a dramaturgy consisting of proven as well as lesser-known pieces. The subtitle Romantic Carnival immersed all evening in the carnival spirit associated with celebrations before the carnival opening. The aim of the programme was to characterize the period of merriment, celebrations and masks by compositions that tell with their mood about this period of the year. The almost full-up castle courtyard had the opportunity to enjoy an unpretentious and appealing programme, which also with its lower temperature more easily approached that cold carnival period.       more

As a UNESCO-listed city of music, Brno has had four festival days full of music and dance. Tens of concerts and performances with hundreds of performers took place at twenty-two music venues. Music in the streets sounded on every corner, but most attention this year was attracted by four rooms by the artist Kateřina Šedá, in which artists of different genres and nationalities took turns. Another attraction was the performances of the British Motionhouse and No Fit State Circus, who repeatedly enchanted the Náměstí Svobody Square with their acrobatic pieces and breathtaking performances. Two large stages were also set up – Dominik Stage on Dominikánské Square and Django Stage on Malinovského Square, on which appeared artists such as Jana Kirschner, Monika Bagárová, minus123minutes or Jan P. Muchow & The Antagonists. Traditionally, the festival was accompanied by the sound of barrel organs whose players met in Brno as part of their 10th international meeting. This year, singer and multi-instrumentalist Tinatin Tsereteli (Hannover) and violinist Nicola Manzan (Bologna) as artists from UNESCO partner cities of music also premiered at the Brno Music Marathon. The atmosphere of the festival is captured in the video below.  more

Folkové prázdniny [Folk Holidays] in Náměšť nad Oslavou is a festival standing out with its dramaturgy, structure and atmosphere. Every season has its own theme, every evening has its own theme, and even some individual performances have their own themes. The long-time programme director Michal Schmidt managed this year to excellently balance Czech premiéres and truly extraordinary projects with reappearances and sure bets. This year's theme of Folkové prázdniny was About the Soul; however, this week-long event has its soul every year.  more