Iszek Baraque and his film portrait

4 March 2019, 1:00
Iszek Baraque and his film portrait

The composer of classical music František Chaloupka writes conceptual rock albums under the artistic nickname Iszek Baraque. Last year he issued a solo album under the same name. In January of this year, he issued a portrait in film to accompany this almost hour-long song album. This self-portrait was taken care of by the multimedia artist Panáčik, who also works together with Chaloupka on his compositions and operas.

Together with the  film , a video with the almost eight-minute long song Shake a Little Little Fire, which concludes the album, was brought out. The album was originally released in digital form and last year in a special flip book the size of a small 16x16 cm vinyl disc. The album was published by K.I. Records, in the sound and music archive of the Guitar Institute.

František Chaloupka described the filming as follows: “It is some real weird stuff, this "self-portrait" – one time people called the police (who even wrote down the name of the album in their notes), and a second time some people threatened to call the police (although we stood in a public space). However, the only instruction I obtained from the director Panáčik was only to sit in the car and listen to the album. I spent some 12 hours in the car doing this. Panáčik was freezing outside and kept looking at me the whole time through the camera. In the end I had this pretty well practiced choreography of switching on-switching off-opening-closing and looked to myself more like a pilot, who was thrown out by the Earth to a journey into space, although in the rear-view mirror I constantly saw the solar-lunar axis. An excellent private social study into what in reality an artist is allowed or is not allowed to do without reporting their activity to the relevant authorities. They are, in fact, not allowed much, hardly anything, and for that particular reason they should dare a lot.”

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The Olomouc Baroque Festival has begun. In the local Jesuit Convent the seventh year of the festival opened with the modern premiere of the serenata Il tribunale di Giove by the Austrian composer Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf. The work was first performed at the birthday celebrations for the Prussian King Frederick the Great on 27 January 1775 and after a repeat in Wroclaw in 1777 it fell into oblivion. The Ensemble Damian decided to reverse this unfortunate fate, and led by the ensemble’s artistic director and director Tomáš Hanzlík they attempted to revive the work. Appearing in the solo roles were Leandro Lafont (Fate and Apollo), Kristýna Vylíčilová (the Genius of Europe and Minerva), Lucie Kaňková (Time and Fortune), Monika Jägerová (Jupiter) and Jakub Rousek (Mars). The costumes and backdrops were designed by the director Hanzlík.  more

The Slunce [Sun] Festival in Strážnice will be held for the twentieth time this year. Especially lovers of folk music and classical big beat have  marked the dates of 12th and 13th July in their calendars. We talked to the director of the Slunce Festival Pavel Kopřiva about the history of the festival, its top moments and hardships, as well as what this year's festival season will be like.  more

The end of the first school-holiday week was carried in the spirit of celebrations. The 7th of July in fact falls on the birthday of Alena Veselá, a prominent Brno organist and a professor at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU), who celebrated an impressive age of 96 years on that day. The concert, organised particularly for this jubilee, was also the final event of the 39th Brno Organ Festival and as a celebration of the birthday of its founder (and now patron of the whole show), it already has a strong position in the festival programme.  more

We live in a free democratic society, in which the role of the state is to create the environment and conditions for the development of creativity and creative potential, being aware that today's living art creates cultural heritage for the future.  more

Last weekend, the 74th Strážnice International Folklore Festival 2019 as well as the 37th Strážnice Children's Folklore Festival were held in the South Moravian Mecca of folklore. The biggest folklore festival in the Czech Republic enjoys great interest and it wasn't  any different this year either, despite tropical temperatures, with tens of thousands of people coming back to Strážnice again.  more