News: Today Metronome Blues is Christening their New Album Vicious Circles

18 January 2018, 1:00
News: Today Metronome Blues is Christening their New Album Vicious Circles

The Czech-New Zealand group Metronome Blues is bringing out their third album. Vicious Circles is being issued under the independent label Happy Mutant. The group is christening it today in the Mersey club.

The album Vicious Circles is a collection of recordings from the last 12 months from the now no longer extant studio on Cejl Street in Brno. The pieces are often based on long looping grooves. The whole album Vicious Circles thus refers to the feeling that as a society we are trapped in a declining spiral. “They include the normal political issues and environmental issues, but they are not obvious. It seems that for the moment we are caught up in evil and malicious vicious circles, in the media (echo chambers) as well as culturally (technologically) and politically…,” says Rhys Braddock. “Our songs only touch on these things. Another of the main themes is obsession – our noble obsessions. Technology, ideology and real bacteria …” explains Rhys Braddock.

Metronome Blues is issuing the album Vicious Circles digitally at Fair Price Music and Bandcamp. They plan to bring it out in special vinyl form in April, when the group is off on a tour of the Czech Republic and Europe.

The album Vicious Circles will be christened today, 18 January 2018, in Mersey club from 7 p.m. as part of a joint concert with the group Please The Trees.

Metronome Blues/ photo Jan Vrba



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7 February 2018, 1:00

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Brno is a city full of contrasts. A short walk through its centre reveals curious contrasts: the Rozkvět passage next to the House of the Lords of Lipá or the Omega department store inserted into the historic centre are clear examples. The Brno Philharmonic also bases its musical production on the contrast of old with new. More than once I have praised the fresh programmes of the concerts, which go for contrasting musical works and present combinations of compositions which are rarely heard alongside each other. In the case of the concert entitled Romantic Fairy Tales of 24 January however the programme was down to earth. There were no sudden dissonances or odd instrumental combinations and the musical language did not depart from the moderately conventional. However we do not have only the contrasts of old and new, known and unknown, but unfortunately also between quality and its absence and not last between interesting and dull.  more