October 2023 Culture Newsletter from the BCH Department of Culture

19 October 2023, 11:00
October 2023 Culture Newsletter from the BCH Department of Culture

The Brno Culture Newsletter brings you an overview of what is happening in theatres, clubs, festivals and cultural events in Brno.

Dear fans of Brno culture,

I met many of you at the XVII Brno Cultural Forum not so long ago. Allow me to thank all of you who came to the Orlí Street Theatre. Judging by the discussions and subsequent reactions, it seems that the topic of accessible culture fell on fertile ground. It will probably never be possible to remove all the obstacles in a city like Brno, but much has certainly changed for the better. Brno has been striving to make things right for a long time. Every year, for example, we donate around ten million for small improvements to public spaces, mostly based on specific initiatives. However, this is the first time that interest has been systematically focused on cultural institutions. Information about accessibility, especially for people with physical disabilities, can already be found in the application gis.brno.cz/mapa/mapa-pristupnosti/, but the list is not complete. This is why the Department of Culture wants to map out the situation in a targeted manner, including entities without their own premises. However, “impracticability” alone may not be the only reason why some groups of Brno residents do not get to experience the culture they want. Both language barriers and lack of access to information can be problems. This too needs to be resolved to ensure Brno offers culture for everyone.

Markéta Vaňková
Mayor of Brno


XVII The Brno Cultural Forum emphasised the importance of accessibility and wheelchair-friendliness in culture

The Brno Cultural Forum had one of its best turnouts, so thanks to all of you who met us at the Orlí Street Theatre on 9 October. Together we had the opportunity to broaden our horizons in accessible and wheelchair-friendly Brno culture and, thanks to our foreign guests, also visited Hungary and Estonia in relation to this issue. We are glad to see that the forum has become a first step towards creating a more inclusive cultural environment in Brno that should be accessible and open to all, regardless of their abilities or state of health. We are very pleased that many of you are already getting in touch with ideas and suggestions.

Didn’t have time to come to the Orlí Street Theatre for the seventeenth Brno Cultural Forum? Never mind! We are preparing an official recording of the whole forum for you, which will soon become available at kultura.brno.cz

However, we already have a photographic taster for you.

The Department of Culture has received 301 subsidy applications that are now undergoing review

From 15 August to 30 September 2023, it was possible to apply for cultural subsidies for 2024. Applications were submitted in nine subsidy programmes. A total of 301 applications were received. The formal requisites are currently being assessed, after which they will be assessed by expert evaluation commissions. The expected outcome will be known in early 2024.

We celebrated Mental Health Day with the Art in Healthcare interdisciplinary conference 

The Art in Healthcare interdisciplinary conference, which we co-organised with Vision of Dance at CO.LABS, was held from 10 to 12 October. The conference’s aim was to develop the interdisciplinary competences of artistic

and expert healthcare and social workers through education and the sharing of know-how in the context of interdisciplinary cooperation involving contemporary dance, the visual arts and music. The programme was replete with inspiring lectures, the participants had the opportunity to put theory into practice, and there was no shortage of unique experiences. 

Department of Culture in Poznań 

During the Days of Czech Culture, which took place from 11 to 15 October in Poznań, Brno’s partner city since 1966, we visited the Poznań VISUAL PARK 360°, managed by the ABC Gallery foundation, for inspiration for our Sculptors’ Brno project.

We took inspiration from the whole programme and it was interesting for us to learn about how they place sculptures in public spaces. 


Selection procedure for the director of the Centre for Experimental Theatre in Brno

As the five-year term of office of the current director will shortly expire, Brno City Council has announced a selection procedure for the position of director of the Centre for Experimental Theatre in Brno.

If you have experimental blood flowing through your veins and want to apply for the position, you need to do so by the end of the year, i.e. by 31 December 2023.

Detailed CONDITIONS of the selection procedure.

Accessibility Catalogue for Brno Culture

Are you interested in accessibility in culture and have experience in research? Then we have an opportunity for you to get involved! The Department of Culture has announced a public contract for the “Accessibility Catalogue for Brno Culture”. The deadline to apply for the selection procedure is 12:00 on 27 October 2023.



State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic issues call for 2024

The State Cultural Fund council announced a total of three calls for subsidy applications on three different dates for 2024. 

The decisive date for a project is the start date for the key output, meaning, for example, the opening of a festival, a première, a vernissage, the launch of a book or CD, etc.

One applicant may submit a maximum of three applications per year.


Brno’s Mikro-teatro theatre is expanding its ranks

The professional travelling theatre company, founded in 2019, is expanding its ranks and looking for new members. If you are studying theatre production, theatre science, management in culture,
aesthetics or any other field but are interested in theatre and production, send an e-mail by 31 October 2023 to mikroteatrobrno@gmail.com.


New Blood 2024 open call for emerging artists

New Blood on the Stage is a New Network programme to support young and emerging artists, new arts groups and art school graduates working in the field of new theatre.

The programme is particularly suitable for artists and arts groups who want to intensively pursue their own original work in the future. New Network will select 3 to 4 artists for 2024 who will be able to choose between support

in the form of one year’s mentoring, or support for the launch of a finished project or the creation of a new one. The deadline for applications is 30 November 2023.



Polish partner for contemporary art and inclusion projects

Are you involved in the topic of inclusion and, ideally, also contemporary art? The Polish Fundacja SWAP - Spontaniczne Warsztaty Artystyczno - Praktyczne foundation is looking for projects related to culture, art and social inclusion to establish partnerships. The closing date is 31 January 2024.



Come to transcend the limits of your senses. The Health Department invites you to Day of the Blind on 1 November at FUTURUM Shopping Centre. The event is aimed at helping sighted people experience the world of the blind and partially sighted by trying out various common everyday tasks without sight using only touch and hearing, just like blind people. 


The BRNO16 international short film festival returns to its home at Art Cinema this October! Brno Film Festival will present short films of all kinds accompanied by digital games, art and a great party. Visit the festival from 18 October to 22 October. 




On 28 October, the CO.LABS cultural centre invites you to a concert by a contemporary electro-acoustic music studio of the young Brno generation of composers - fixed media, live electronics; an 8-channel sound environment.


The Brno City Museum has opened the exhibition Brno’s other face. The exhibition presents the works, and the interesting life stories behind them, of four of the most important German painters who were born or grew up in Brno in the 1880s.


The PROTOTYP 2023 festival will be held on 26 to 29 October after returning to the Reservoirs under Yellow Hill. You are invited to discover an audiovisual show and explore an art exhibition. Large-scale and spatial projections, larger-than-life 3D sculptures, lenticular images and augmented reality.




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Like other music festivals, the 29th annual Concentus Moraviae International Music Festival has not only had to reflect the fact that it is the Year of Czech Music, but also the unique 200th anniversary of the birth of Bedřich Smetana, the founder of modern Czech music. The dramaturgy of this year’s festival, which has just launched, is in the spirit of "Metamorphoses: Czech Smetana!". The first festival concert, which took place on 31 May at the Kyjov Municipal Cultural Centre, gave a hint of the direction the rest of the festival's dramaturgy will take. The organisers of the show decided to explore Smetana's work from a fresh angle and to work not only with the music, but also with the audience’s expectations. The opening evening saw a performance of Smetana's famous String Quartet No. 1 in E minor From My Life, but in an arrangement for a symphony orchestra penned by conductor and pianist George Szell. Smetana's work was complemented by the world première of the Concerto for Flute and Orchestra "Sadunkertoja" by Finnish composer, conductor and artist in residence at the 29th annual festival, Olli Mustonen, commissioned especially for the festival. Mustonen also conducted the Prague Philharmonia's performance of the two works. Danish flautist Janne Thomsen performed as soloist.  more

As part of Ensemble Opera Diversa's Musical Inventory series of concerts, which began back in 2017, the ensemble aims to present (re)discovered works and composers that we rarely hear on stage. However, this dramaturgical line also offers the space and initiative to create some completely new works performed in world premières. This time, the chamber concert held on Wednesday, 29 May 2024 in the auditorium of the Rector's Office of the Brno University of Technology (BUT) was directed by the Diversa QuartetBarbara Tolarová (1st violin), Jan Bělohlávek (2nd violin), David Křivský (viola), Iva Wiesnerová (cello), OK Percussion Duo (Martin OpršálMartin Kneibl), soloists Aneta Podracká Bendová (soprano) and pianist Tereza Plešáková. The theme was a nod to the Prague composition school from a pedagogical and artistic perspective.  more

The concert with the subtitle Haydn and Shostakovich in G Minor closed the Philharmonia at Home subscription series on Thursday 16 May at the Besední dům. It was also the last concert of the 2023/24 season (not counting Friday's reprise), with the Brno Philharmonic led by its chief conductor Dennis Russell Davies. In the second half of the evening the orchestra was accompanied by singers Jana Šrejma Kačírková (soprano) and Jiří Služenko (bass). As the title of the concert implies, the dramaturgy juxtaposed works by Joseph Haydn and Dimitri Shostakovich, which are almost exclusively linked only by the key in which they were written.  more

Connection, unity, contemplation - these words can be used to describe the musical evening of Schola Gregoriana Pragensis under the direction of David Eben and organist Tomáš Thon, which took place yesterday as part of the Easter Festival of Sacred Music at the church of St. Thomas. Not only the singing of a Gregorian chant, but also the works of composer Petr Eben (1929-2007) enlivened the church space with sound and colour for an hour.  more

With a concert called Ensemble Inégal: Yesterday at the church of St. John, Zelenka opened the 31st edition of the Easter Festival of Sacred Music, this time with the suffix Terroir. This slightly mysterious word, which is popularly used in connection with wine, comes from the Latin word for land or soil, and carries the sum of all the influences, especially the natural conditions of a particular location and on the plants grown there. This term is thus metonymically transferred to the programme of this year's VFDH, as it consists exclusively of works by Czech authors, thus complementing the ongoing Year of Czech Musicmore