ProART 2018: Lenka Dusilová, Eva Vrbková, Jiří Hájíček and many more

4 July 2018, 6:00
ProART 2018: Lenka Dusilová, Eva Vrbková, Jiří Hájíček and many more

The ProART Festival is entering its 15th year. This year for the first time this multi-genre festival is taking place in four towns and cities. In addition to Brno, Valtice and Liberec this year it will also expand to include Plzeň. A total of 34 instructors will lead workshops in contemporary dance, theatre, singing, music, literature and photography. Among them will be Lenka Dusilová, Zdeněk Bína, Eva Vrbková, Radka Fišarová, Zdeněk Král, and Ida Kelarová as well as authors like Josef Formánek, Michal Viewegh, Jiří Hájíček, Alena Mornštajnová and Tereza Boučková.

This year’s festival motto is Submerge Yourself in Art. The festival’s theme and inspiring motif is however freedom in art: Freedom for Art _Art for Freedom …! All the art workshops are intended for experts, professionals, school students and laymen, senior citizens, the Roma minority and the disabled. They have varying lengths – from intensive one-day up to holiday one-week and experiential courses. The purpose is to learn and to share their experiences. Most of the workshops end with informal public presentations. In Valtice there is even a whole-evening performance.

The Brno part of the festival will take place from 16 to 22 July 2018.

The evening programme of the festival includes concerts, international shows and student presentations. “When we fifteen years ago founded the festival, I did not think it would last so long, and it would be held in even more places. For me it's already a piece of history and a lot of dreams realised, human emotion, energy, a network of friendship and a nice mutual dose of inspiration. Therefore I have come back to it every year and for fifteen years I have put off my holiday until August. I believe that this year as well it will pay off to come and enjoy the atmosphere. Art has to be experienced at ProART," says festival director Martin Dvořák.

Brno Programme:

16/7  8 p.m. Governor’s Palace


COMPAGNIE E7KA_Pure_Ouvrir le temps

TANZ COMPANY GERVASI (AT)_Enklave + SAKHER ALMONEM (SYR/FR/AT)_Bag full of hearts + reading by participants in the Michal Viewegh creative writing workshop

19/7  8 p.m. Buranteatr


20/7  Governor’s Palace

ART FOR FREEDOM_Freedom for Art:


8 p.m. Dance-Theatre searching projects by NEIL PARIS, KRISTÝNA FREJOVÁ and MARTINA KRÁTKÁ + readings by participants in the creative writing workshop of ALENA MORNŠTAJNOVÁ

9 p.m. TORCH OF FREEDOM_ProART Company Brno premiere of choreography by Martin Dvořák dedicated to the events of 1968.

21/7 Governor’s Palace

FREEDOM FOR ART_Art for Freedom:

7 p.m. Piano performance from the workshop of the musician and composer ZDENĚK KRÁL

8 p.m. Dance performance from workshops of EVA KLIMÁČKOVÁ, KATARÍNA VLNIEŠKOVÁ and HANA ZANIN

8:30 p.m. JAN - ProART Company Revival of the premiere of choreography by the Israeli Nira Ben Gala 2013 dedicated to the legacy of Jan Palach.

22/7  8 p.m. Governor’s Palace

LENKA DUSILOVÁ & ProART_Amid Fragility



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On this very day (19 May) an event will start in Valašské Meziříčí which all the dulcimer players from almost all over the world have been looking forward to for two years. It is the 14th International Dulcimer Festival, which has been held in this town every odd year since 1995. This year, it is sure to be rather modest due to the pandemic situation; the organizers are going to stream some of the concerts, while others will be broadcast on the Czech Radio stations Vltava and Brno. This year, Michal Grombiřík, a dulcimer player, became the first ever such musician admitted to the Jazz Music Interpretation Department of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU). What is the path from a traditional folk song, through classical music to jazz music, and what exactly is Michal going to do at the aforementioned dulcimer festival? We covered all these topics in our conversation.  more

Ód ... The artistic name evokes singing, narration, poetry, odes… It is also a guide to pronounce the first name in Czech of the protagonist, a French singer settled in Brno, Aude Stulírová Martin. She has been living in Moravia for ten years and is an excellent Czech speaker. In that time she has co-founded a band called Šarivary as well as the theatre company of Le Cabaret Nomade. She was also active as an artistic director of the Bonjour Brno festival. Bébé Lune is her current, second album – a collection of lullabies from around the world, it was created by Ód as a result of her winning Expats for Brno, a competition seeking innovative projects. So, while the project is international in its content, it is very closely related to Brno.  more

Anyone who knows the B-Side Band, especially through performing international hit songs with the singer Vojtěch Dyk, or last year’s album Folk Swing, may be surprised by their unique take on a production of Jaromír Hnilička’s Missa Jazz. In fact, the big band’s history is tightly interwoven with the composer’s legendary Jazz Massmore

Hajcman, a tramp-swing group with its roots in Brno, released their expected debut album Jednou to bude (It Will Come to Pass). The band’s name, derived from the Czech word for a supporting steel frame in coal mining, is a reference to cave exploring, the hobby of the group’s leader Martin Škrobák, whose first band was called Stalaktit (Stalactite). While the album largely showcases the talents of the tramping legend, it does feature a sample of the band’s work in the form of two songs by Martin, hinting at the direction of the band’s future album of author's songs. It’s Jaroslav Velinský aka Kapitán Kid who is the author of the most of the debut’s collection of songs, the result of over a decade’s effort. An old friend of Martin’s, as well as a fellow musician and inspiration to him, the tramping music king Kapitán Kid had planned to record some “blasts from the past” in 2005 with his previous outfit the Banjo Gang, as described in the sleeve notes and associated songbook. Joint recording sessions with Martin and his friends took place subsequently, but Velinský’s best-known tramping songs from the CD Tempo di kůň (Tempo de Horse; released in 2007) were eventually preferred. This is how these tracks came to be short-listed, with the blessing of Kapitán Kid himself, and recorded just a few years after the songwriter’s death, making it essentially a tribute to him.  more

While concert halls and opera houses are rather on the empty side, seven hotels in the city have seen a lot more activity thanks to the Brno Contemporary Orchestra – a chamber music group led by Pavel Šnajdr and the arts platform Terén – Pole performativního umění (Terrain – Fields for the Performing Arts). Every night of the week, from 15 to 21 March, fans of modern artificial music had the opportunity to visit one of the hotels via YouTube. Not only was the atmosphere of the empty rooms and corridors absorbing, but also the drama in combination with unusual the visual stimuli. Please, do not disturb, as the series was named by its creators - the Brno Contemporary Orchestra and Terén, featured more than just standard recordings of concerts. Indeed, a narrative thread ran through every evening’s experience, which was directly or subtly connected with the musicians or the space itself.  more