The album Moravské hlasy (Moravian Voices) captures the phenomenon of the South Moravian art of singing

11 December 2017, 9:00
The album Moravské hlasy (Moravian Voices) captures the phenomenon of the South Moravian art of singing

A CD named Moravské hlasy has just been released by Jiří Plocek. The CD introduces a unique phenomenon of the South Moravian art of singing through a set of songs performed by various singers and choirs from different places in South Moravia.

Singing is one of the dominant features of Moravian traditional culture. The charisma and richness of Moravian voices are unique even in an international context. The new CD presents a broad parade of contemporary regional singing from South Moravia. There are singers of different ages, from different places (from Hanácké Slovácko through the districts of Kyjovsko, Podluží and Horňácko) and in various numbers – from soloists to choirs. For example, male choirs from Kyjov, Charvátská Nová Ves, Velká nad Veličkou, Zpěvulenky from Čeložnice, Brothers Varmuža from Svatobořice-Mistřín, female singers Jana Otáhalová, Kateřina Markytánová, Kamila Šošovičková, male singers Jiljí Herzán, Michal Janošek and Martin Čambala.

The vocals were recorded without instrumental accompaniment, in places of sacred origin with natural acoustics: In the synagogue in Břeclav, in the Evangelical Church in Javorník nad Veličkou and in the Chapel of St. Joseph in Kyjov. The oldest singer, Oldřich Krejčí from Svatobořice, was 103 years old at the time of recording (born 1914), while the youngest, Ondrášek Maňák from Velká nad Veličkou, was only 3 (born in 2014).

The CD Moravské hlasy comes with a booklet with extensive commentary and accompanying photographs by the producer and publisher Jiří Plocek. The CD’s concept – the use of voices without instrumental accompaniment – is the first initiative of its kind. Its publication has been patronaged by Bohumil Šimek, Governor of the South Moravian Region.



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