TIC Brno is hiring a Marketing Manager for the Brno – City of Music project

TIC Brno is hiring a Marketing Manager for the Brno – City of Music project

TIC Brno is looking for a colleague for a new position of Marketing Manager for the projects Brno – City of Music and Janáček Brno.

The main job of the manager will be the implementation of activities aimed at long-term support of the brands Brno City of Music and Janáček Brno. The long-term objectives of the position will include the building of an image of the destination as an important music centre and a place associated with the personality of Leoš Janáček.

Job description

The Marketing Manager:

  • Coordinates and organises the comprehensive marketing agenda for the projects entrusted he or she will be in charge of, including production and administrative work;
  • Formulates and organises the promotion at regional, nationwide and international levels;
  • Is responsible for the implementation of the brand strategy of Brno – UNESCO City of Music and Janáček Brno and participates in their development;
  • Ensures the promotion of membership as part of the marketing of the city of Brno, TIC Brno and other Brno-based institutions in cooperation with these institutions;
  • Coordinates and organises activities related to the promotion of the personality of Leoš Janáček and his connection with Brno (including promotion during the Janáček Brno festival);
  • Participates in the creation of text, graphic and visual materials for campaigns and promotional materials;
  • Actively communicates with media, in cooperation with TIC Brno – regional, nationwide and international, lifestyle, news and specialised;
  • Makes part of the TIC Brno marketing team and closely cooperates with the main coordinator of the project Brno – UNESCO City of Music and the project Janáček Brno.

Potential candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills (spoken and written), ability to conduct negotiations
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Experience in the areas of production, marketing and project management
  • Orientation in culture, especially in the field of music; a personal relationship with Brno will be an advantage
  • Orientation on the result, active approach to work and independence
  • Knowledge of English at the communication level
  • Tolerance to administrative work and stress

Applications must be submitted by 1 March 2020 at 9:00 a.m. at the latest, by e-mail or personally to the registry office (if you decide to send by post, then do so by Friday 27 February 2020 at the latest). The application must contain the following items:

  1. Professional CV
  2. Motivational letter
  3. A) Proposal of an action plan for the year 2020 (please build your proposal on the TIC Brno 2020 Activity Plan, or as the case may be, on other recommended documents).
  4. B) Proposal of marketing communication of the publication #Brno City of Music. It is a printed guide which is now freely available at the information centres in Brno and describes the history, present and possible future of music in the Moravian metropolis in a total of nine chapters: classical music; opera; operetta, musical; jazz; folklore; tramp music, folk, country; rock, metal, pop; underground, alternative, punk; electronic music. The chapters are dedicated to the development of genres, personalities related to them and places associated with them. The marketing campaign should take into account the distribution of 35 thousand copies for distribution among the target group: general public in Brno interested in music culture.
  5. C) Suggestion of activities in public space to strengthen the city of Brno's identification with the Janáček Brno International Opera and Music Festival in the period immediately before and during the event.

More information can be found here; should you have any questions, please get in touch with Beata Bartošová: bartosova@ticbrno.cz

Radnická Street / photo from TIC Brno archive



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